Why I am learning Spanish

After the EU referendum, I was was heartbroken and was compelled to feel more connected to Europe. I had a hen party booked in Madrid, so my act of  Brexit rebellion was to learn Spanish.

I downloaded Duolingo and it turns out revenge is a quite good motivator to master a language.


The app is straightforward to use and I am particularly impressed by the voice recognition technology, which allows me to improve my pronunciation.

Another unintended consequence is that it focuses up my brain, dragging it out of the fog. I seem to wake up my language processing centre. Duolingo is free and can be set to send daily reminders to practice for 10, 20, 30 minutes. This helps structure my day and makes learning a fun habit. Thus, I am grateful that this app helps with my depression.


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London writer and very curious nomad 🌍 I like science, comedy, politics, travel, photography, fabulous food and yoga. I don't like Bullsh*t and dairy.

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