Annoying flatmates

I have lived in plenty of flat shares around the UK. Here is a list of some of the more bizarre flatmate behaviour I have witnessed.  These are all true stories, which I can laugh at now but found absolutely infuriating at the time. People are weird.

  • When I was a student, one flatmate worked in a pub so we kept different schedules but I went 2 months before a met him. He never cooked in the kitchen, spent time in the living room or made any noise.  The only evidence he was there was that he left a  single dirty teaspoon on the side of the sink every morning.

  • When I was working two jobs to save up enough to go to Australia, I only really came to the flat to sleep. I had a very limited window to do laundry. Sadly, I had a flatmate who completely took the piss by hogging the washing machine by cleaning one shirt at a time.

  • I usually keep my house key in my handbag bag but one time I left it on the dinner table. despite me obviously being home. My flatmate thought it would be a good idea to take my key to work with him so I could collect it from him. I never understood his logic.

  • One guy seemed to have a problem putting lids back and closing caps. Every morning when I got ready for work, I would have to put the all the lids back on his shampoo and shower gel to stop me getting water in them.

  • A shady guy my landlord picked without me meeting first moved his girlfriend in after a couple of months with any notice or introduction. Much to my flatmate’s annoyance, we became friends and she told me she was planning to dump him.

Do you have any horror stories you would like to share?


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