My new year resolutions helped me to treat my rosacea and boost my confidence

Rosacea was a deeply psychological problem for me. It triggered painful insecurities and painful embarrassment for years. In my teenage years, it manifested itself as flushing and from my mid-twenties as spotty, red and dry skin.

A significant component of a first impression is judged based on the face of a person. I was aware people were getting a different view of me than how I saw myself. Either consciously or unconsciously suggesting I was unclean and my skin was evidence that I lead an unhealthy life. This made me self-conscience. It makes me upset that there are few pictures from ages 25 to 29.

One of the cruel jokes of rosacea for me was that I washed too often, which made it worse.

As a new year’s resolution 3 years ago, I finally took charge of my skin. I knew it would have to be a total long-term lifestyle change rather than a short-term solution such as medication or a laser treatment.

Here are the rules I found worked for me:

  1. Entirely rid my diet of dairy
  2. Reduced chilli, garlic and in meals
  3. Cut coffee down to one cup a day
  4. Wait for hot drinks to cool down
  5. Keep my face out of the shower and only use micellar water instead
  6. Ban lotions, face scrubs and masks
  7. Limit sun exposure on face
  8. Limit high-intensity gym classes. This is to avoid too much flushing.
  9. Do more yoga, which means less flushing and better anxiety management.
  10. Wear high coverage foundation and take at least one day off a week from wearing it.
  11. If you can get away it, err on the side of not washing your face to avoid damaging the skin by washing it too frequently.

Three years on, do this for me has helped greatly with my confidence and relationships. I hope these suggestions can help with your rosacea. Good luck and happy new year!

For more information, medical advice can be found on the NHS Rosacea page.


Face first
You cannot escape your own face; be happy your own skin

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