How to find your yoga motivation when dealing with depression

So you have been to a few of yoga classes, you know it is great for your mental health and you know you should make a regular thing of it. Here’s some tips on how to make it a habit.

  1. Schedule a regular weekly class and time at home in the mornings to get you out of bed.
  2. Research which type of yoga would be most helpful to boost your current. Yin yoga is an active (sweaty) workout and yin is stretching at a relaxed (non-sweaty) pace. Both should be practised for balance.
  3. Join classpass if you live in London or MoveGB if you live elsewhere in the UK. I really love trying out different studios and using it as an excuse to explore new areas.
  4. Keep a rolled up yoga top, leggings, deodorant and hair bands in your desk or locker at work.
  5. Find a yoga buddy who will stop you from making excuses not to attend classes and push you to work harder.
  6. Being around other people really helps you get out of your head.
  7. Do everything to eliminate last-minute excuses not to go to a class. Have your yoga kit washed, have spare, paint your toenails, have a light snack ready so you are not hungry etc.
  8. Use how you feel after a class and the satisfaction of seeing an improvement to spur your on. Remember that you have never regretted going to a class.
  9. Plan a reward for after the class.
  10. Write a list of reason why you do yoga and which positions you want to work towards. Put this where you can see it.


Let know in comments other tricks you use.

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London writer and very curious nomad 🌍 I like science, comedy, politics, travel, photography, fabulous food and yoga. I don't like Bullsh*t and dairy.

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